SRS Airbag Module Reset

SRS Airbag Module Reset
Our mail-in SRS airbag module reset service based in Los Angeles, CA.

Your airbag light keeps blinking and that dang thing is driving you crazy, so an SRS airbag module reset is just the thing you need, and preferably right away to get rid of that blinking craze. The only problem is that you really do not want to go to the dealer and pay a hefty penny for it. Here is where Seat Belt Restore comes to the rescue! As compared to expensive dealers, this company charges a reasonable $49.99 for an SRS airbag module reset. Equipped with impeccably skilled technicians, top-notch tools, a bullet-proof mail in system, and a 24-hour turnaround time for completing orders, there is no way anyone in their right mind would choose to go to a dealer over them, especially with the cost being so much more affordable.

Seat Belt Restore is located in Los Angeles California, but provides its services nationwide! On top of that, their services work for all makes and models of vehicles, whether you drive a tiny Fiat 500 or a Large Chevy Kodiak, or anything in between. And that is not all! They also provide a lifetime warranty, so how could you not be feeling 100% satisfied with them?

If you realize this is just something that makes sense to do, just like getting rid of that pesky constant blinking of your airbag light, head over to Seat Belt Restore’s website and select the airbag module reset service. Then, simply mail in your airbag module using any carrier you’d like and wait for the specialized programmers to receive the module, reset it, and send it back, all within 24 hours of receiving it!

If this company sounds as legit as its work proves it to be, explore their website for the additional services it provides! Not only does this facility specialize in resetting SRS airbag modules, but they also provide excellent seat belt webbing replacement–either to match the color of your original belts or an array of colors to choose from to satisfy your own creative taste! They also repair seat belts–whether they be single stage, dual-stage, or even triple stage! OEM parts are guaranteed for all these services, and just like with the module resetting, they provide a 24-hour turnaround time for all their orders, as well as a lifetime warranty.

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