Seat Belt Webbing Repair

Seat Belt Webbing Repair
Our mail-in seat belt webbing repair service based in Los Angeles, CA.

You finally caved in to your kids’ many pleas to get a dog and have taken all the expected setbacks that come with owning a dog in stride such as vet visits, flea collars, waking up earlier than you’d like to go for a walk, and much more, but you didn’t expect for your new furry friend to come with the need for seat belt webbing repair! But low and behold, one day as you are driving to the park with your dog for one of those aforementioned walks, you notice that he’s nibbling on the seat belt, and the damage from his nibbling is unrepairable by your own two hands. Luckily in this day and age you have Google on hand at the push of a button, so you quickly find a company that can solve this problem for you–Seat Belt Restore.

Along with fixing single, dual, and triple stage belts, resetting SRS airbag module systems and providing custom colored seatbelt webbing, you find that Seat Belt Restore specializes in repairing ripped, cut, frayed, torn, worn out, or even dog-chewed seatbelts, like your own. Located in Los Angeles California, they service their customers nationwide and work with all makes and models of vehicles. On top of that, the price for getting seat belt webbing repair is much more reasonable than you expected to see at only $74.99 per belt.  You recognize that you’d quickly get your car driving safely on the road again with the company’s 24-hour turnaround policy, and are happy to see that the facility operates with skilled seat belt technicians, OEM parts, and even offers a lifetime warranty to all its customers!

You immediately notice that the process of sending in your seat belt for the webbing repair is quick and easy. All that needs to be done is to purchase the seat belt webbing repair service online, remove the original seat belt along with all the hardware from the vehicle, place them into a box, and ship them out to Seat Belt Restore using any carrier.  After that, the package is in Seat Belt Restore’s hands to receive, replace the webbing for, and ship back to you within 24 hours!

This process totally is easy, so easy in fact, that your own dog would probably manage!

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