Toyota Seat Belt Repair

Toyota Seat Belt Repair
Mail-In Toyota Seat Belt Repair Service by Seat Belt Restore based in California.

A Toyota seat belt repair is just one of the hundreds of things Seat Belt Restore–a seat belt company located in Los Angeles, California–can do for you. Even at its west coast location, it services customers nationwide in all their seat belt and SRS airbag module needs. Need a single stage seat belt repair? Check. Dual stage seat belt repair? Check. Triple stage repair? Check. Is your SRS airbag module showing codes and need to be reset? Webbing Need to be replaced on your seat belt in a color-match option to match your remaining original belts? Or you want a pop of color with some custom color seat belts? Check. Check. And another check. Seat Belt Restore can do any one of these things for you–or all, if you so choose!

When working with this company, you can be guaranteed quality and safety when it comes to your seat belts. They employ only highly trained and experiences seat belt engineers who use industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. Additionally, a dual pro system is in place to test all seat belt buckle pretensioners. All services provided by the company are also backed up by a lifetime warranty, and a quick 24 hour turnaround time can be expected from all customers. Not only that, but the seat belt repairs can be performed on all makes and models of vehicles, no matter how large or small. The prices, when compared to competing companies and especially going to the dealer–are very reasonable. A Toyota seat belt repair would come in anywhere between just $64.99 and $114.99, with the lowest price being if the belt is a single stage belt, and the highest price being for a triple stage repair.

The process of getting a Toyota seat belt repair done at this company is really quite simple. All you would have to do is log onto, select the seat belt repair service for the stage that your Toyota seat belt is, remove your current seat belt from the Toyota, box it up, and ship it out to Seat Belt Restore using any preferred carrier. The seat belt masters there will perform the Toyota seat belt repair, and then they will ship it back out to you in just 24 hours of receiving it! It couldn’t get more easier than that, now could it?


  1. Hello
    I live in Culver City and would like to replace my seat belts only on my Lexus IS 250c. The mechanism are fine just the seat belts are extremely dirty. Can you quote me a price? Can I bring it to your shop if you are close?
    Thank You

  2. Hey,
    Yes we offer a webbing replacement service – $74.99 per belt. You can start the process up on our website or give us a call at 888-777-5799 213-294-3196.

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