Seatbelt Co. Riverside, California

Seatbelt Co. Riverside California
The #1 Seatbelt Co. in California.

Seat Belt Restore is the #1 Seatbelt Co. in California! If you are looking for a seatbelt co. in Riverside, California, or anywhere on the west coast – we can fix your seat belts, repair your seat belt retractors, reset your SRS airbag modules, or replace your webbing in just 24 hours.

There may be a variety of reasons why you may need to get these services done. For webbing replacement, we’ve seen anything from ripped seat belts all the way to dog chewed seat belts. Other customers have brought in cut, torn, worn out, or frayed seat belts so that their seatbelts  would not only look better on the outside, but also function better and ensure more safety. These customers often chose the color match option so that they could match the new belt with some of the old ones that were in good condition. Others, especially those driving exotic cars, have chosen to go with custom colored seat belts to add that extra pop of color and set their car apart from the rest!

For seat belt repair, Seat Belt Restore offers repair for single, dual, and triple stage seat belts. We rebuild seat belt tensioners that are locked or blown after your vehicle has been involved in a car accident.

If one of your seat belts is not retracting as it should be, we offer a complete seat belt retractor repair as well. Over time, old seat belts wear out, the spring weakens, and the sweat build-up on the fabric causes the seat belt to retract slowly. Most people don’t want to pay for a new seat belt replacement as it just costs too much, so this is a cost effective alternative.

An SRS airbag module reset is offered to reprogram your SRS module to factory condition. This is especially important after car accidents when  crash data and hard codes are stored into the system and your airbag light turns on. At times, seat belts may deploy and generate additional codes as well, which we can eradicate here at Seat Belt Restore.

Regardless of the reason you find yourself in need of our services, you can browse online and choose the one you desire. Then just box up your items and send them on in. Our skilled technicians will take care of the work for you and have your package sent back to you in no time!

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  1. Hello, I have 2005 Mercury Mariner Premier. The retractor in the middle seat in the back row is missing. I have the seatbelt, but not that part the belt gets wound up and comes out of. How much to replace that part? Does the new part come with a belt too or does my old belt go in the new part? How much is it?

    I am looking to sell this vehicle pretty quickly.


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