Custom Seat Belt Webbing

Custom Seat Belt Webbing
Our Mail-In Custom Seat Belt Webbing Service Located in Los Angeles, California.

You have a hot ride which has garnered you 10k followers on Instagram–you’ve done everything to spunk it up a bit: you’ve added a spoiler and a body kit, you’ve tinted your windows, customized your lights, and had it painted your favorite shade, you’ve even had the car detailed recently to look brand new..the only thing that is missing is custom seat belt webbing. Now that all the other things have been done, replacing your old boring black seat belt to an exciting shade like Ferrari red or a bright illuminating yellow is just the right thing to tie it all together–and perhaps even win you a few more thousand followers!

Seat Belt Restore, located in Los Angeles is the answer to your dreams. Even at their West Coast location, they provide their services nationwide, so you don’t have to be worried about whether or not they can service you. Supplied with skilled technicians and OEM parts, that alone should give you the satisfaction of the work being done up to par, and even beyond that. However, they offer even more! A lifetime warranty is in place for all their services and they complete work in a short 24-hour time frame! The pricing is another thing to rage about, with seat belt webbing replacement costing only $74.99 per belt!

The process of getting your webbing replaced by Seat Belt Restore is quick and simple, as it should be! You simply remove your current seat belt webbing and box it up, ensuring that all the hardware is included, and ship it out to the company. The webbing technicians then receive it, replace the webbing to the new exciting color, and then ship it back to you!

The make and model of your vehicle has no impact on whether or not Seat Belt Restore has you covered! So come one come all! If you find yourself with a new car in the future, or want to suggest a friend or a family member to spunk up their ride just like you have, Seat Belt Restore can assist everyone in their custom seat belt webbing needs. They offer other services as well, which may come in handy to you or any of your aforementioned friends or family, such as seat belt repair for single, dual, and triple-stage belts, and SRS airbag module resetting.

So why wait? Explore their services today and see for yourself why other customers have left 100% satisfied.

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