Need Seat Belt Retractor Repairs?

Seat Belt Retractor Repair
Seat Belt Restore offers seatbelt retractor repairs.

For many of us, it feels like seat belts have been around for forever. But when were they really first used?

It turns out that seat belts can be dated back to 1949 and 1955, when American car manufacturers Nash and Ford, respectively, offered their customers to have the option of a seat belt. Then in 1958, the Swedish car manufacturer, Saab, first introduced seat belts as standard. The Saab GT 750 was presented with safety belts fitted as standard at the New York Motor Show in 1958. Since then, the practice of including seat belts in vehicles has become commonplace.

Today, everyone knows the importance of using seat belts at all times. Therefore, if repair work is needed, the problem is almost addressed immediately. Seat belt retractor repair is one of the many things that may be needed for a faulty seat belt. Old seat belts can wear out over time, the spring can weaken, and sweat can build up on fabric making the seat belt retract slowly or no longer retract at all. Getting an entirely new seat belt costs way too much, though.

The company Seat Belt Restore offers an affordable solution. Rather than having to buy new belts you can turn to the company to provide you with a complete seat belt retractor repair. With this service, you simply need to remove your current seat belt retractor and mail it in for repair. You can be assured that quality, and your safety, will not be compromised. The company uses 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools. FMVSS standards are always met or exceeded. You can expect your seat belt retractor repair to be completed in just 24 hours and have a lifetime warranty attached to it! You’ll only have to pay $64.99 for this service, which is such a steal!

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