Need seat belt pretensioner repairs?

Need Seat Belt Pretensioner Repair?’s Seat Belt Pretensioner Repair Service

You may have heard of a family, friend, or neighbor who has needed a seat belt pretensioner repair at one point or another. As seat belts are so important in your safety while driving, it is crucial for you to know about every aspect of the mechanism and who to turn to if any repair work is needed.

Seat Belt Restore is the company just for that. Throughout their time in service, they have worked with resetting SRS airbag modules, providing webbing replacement, and most importantly–repairing seat belts. They work with single stage, dual stage, and even triple stage belts and repair everything from the pretensioner to the retractor on the seat belt.

The pretensioner on a seat belt,¬†also known as the “buckle,” is simply the female part of the seat belt that the latch plugs into. While most seat belt buckles do not have a gas charge, some are equipped with one and it serves as a secondary restraint. A gas charge is a small explosive device that is engineered into the belt and it goes off when an accident occurs. Whereas many cars have a gas charge only in the seat belt retractor, some have them in the buckles as well. If it goes off, you are then in need of a seat belt pretensioner repair.

At Seat Belt Restore, your seat belt pretensioner repair is in good hands. The company employs only well trained and highly experienced seat belt engineers who complete the repairs using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. FMVSS standards are always met or exceeded at Seat Belt Restore. The company also has a dual pro system in place to test pretensioner repairs. All the work required to complete the pretensioner repair, or any service at that matter, is accomplished in just 24 hours! A lifetime warranty is also attached to each service. The prices are unbeatable, too. Pretensioner repair comes in at only $64.99. This means hundreds, if not thousands of dollars saved compared to getting the job done at a dealer! All makes and models are welcomed at Seat Belt Restore, and the company works with customers nationwide from its west coast location in LA.

To get your seat belt pretensioner repair done at Seat Belt Restore today, simply log onto There, you can select and prepay for the service before sending in your seat belt. Once the seat belt masters receive your package, they will perform the repairs in just 24 hours and ship the package back out!

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