Looking for Seat Belt Tensioner Repairs?


Seat Belt Tensioner Repairs
Offering Seatbelt Tensioner Repairs Nationwide

Seat belt tensioner repair doesn’t have to be as confusing as it seems, if you turn to Seat Belt Restore to do the work for you!

Simply put, the seat belt buckle pretensioner, also referred to as the “buckle,” is the female part of the seat belt that the belt latches into. Not all seat belt buckles are equipped with a gas charge. For those that do have one, it serves as a secondary restraint. A gas charge is a small explosive mechanism that is engineered in the seat belt. During an accident, it goes off. While many vehicles only have a gas charge within the seat belt retractor, some have them in the buckles as well. If the buckle pretensioner went off, this is an indication that you need to repair it. As is evident, the seat belt tensioner is an important aspect of the seat belt–which itself is perhaps the most crucial safety component of your vehicle. Therefore, if it goes bad, it is essential to get it repaired immediately!

Safety Restore performs all the necessary work to get the seat belt tensioner repair completed, in just 24 hours! The quick 24 hour turnaround time isn’t the only thing that the company can boast about though. Seat Belt Restore takes pride in only employing well trained seat belt engineers who complete the repair work using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. FMVSS standards are always met or exceeded by the company. All makes and models of vehicles are welcomed and the company works with customers nationwide from its west coast location. The prices are guaranteed to be a great deal as well. Compared to the hundreds or thousands you would spend for the same service at the dealer, seat belt tensioner repair comes in at only $64.99 at Seat Belt Restore! That, paired with the lifetime warranty offered by the company, makes this deal a steal!

Customers have it easy when getting the service. All they have to do is log onto seatbeltrestore.com, select and pre-pay for the tensioner repair service, and ship out their current seat belt to Seat Belt Restore in Los Angeles, California. The rest is a waiting game–and a short one at that! In just 24 hours of receiving the package, the seat belt engineers will perform the tensioner repair and send the package back out! In just a few short days the driver can be back on the road again with a newly repaired seat belt tensioner!

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