Seat Belt Buckle Repair

Seat Belt Buckle Repair’s Mail-in Seat Belt Buckle Repair Services based in Los Angeles, CA but serving the whole nation!

If you find yourself in a position where a seat belt buckle repair is needed, why look any further than Seat Belt Restore for help? Located in Los Angeles California, the company services individuals nationwide and provides professional and quality work, which will allow you the peace of mind you deserve and prevent you from turning to companies with lesser quality and reputation. To ensure 100% satisfaction from their customers, Seat Belt restore employs expert seat belt technicians, certifies the use of OEM parts, provides a 24 hour turnaround time for its services, and maintains a lifetime warranty on everything. Their pricing is reasonable and cost effective as well, especially when compared to getting the work done at a local dealer. The repair services Seat Belt Restore offers are also compatible with all makes and models of vehicles, which greatly sets them apart from other companies!

When looking for a seat belt buckle repair, you are really looking to repair the female part of the seat belt, where the seat belt latch buckles into, also known as a seat belt buckle pretensioner. Whereas some seat belt buckles do not come with a gas charge–a small explosive apparatus engineered into the seat belt that goes off in a car accident–some are equipped with one and this serves as a secondary restraint. Many cars have a gas charge solely in the seat belt retractor, but others have them in the buckles as well. You will need to fix your buckle pretensioner if it went off.

You may be reading this and wondering if this is a service that your car truly needs. Realizing your buckle pretensioner is bad is important so that you aren’t paying for a service that is unnecessary. Using an OBD airbag scan tool to scan your system ¬†and reading the codes is the best way to visually inspect the buckle to see whether or not it is bad. A bad buckle will look “squished in” or compressed. If this certainly is the case for you, you simply need to go to Seat Belt Restore’s online database, select the seat belt buckle repair service, box up your seat belt buckle pretensioner and ship it out to the company. They will then receive your package, do the repair work, and ship it back-all within 24 hours!

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