Seat Belt Repair

Seat Belt Repair’s Mail-in Seat Belt Repair Services based in Los Angeles, CA but serving the whole nation!

Over the many years people drive their vehicles, they are bound to come into incidences when their vehicle needs an adjustment or improvement or two and getting seat belt repair work just may be one of them. Seat belt repair can take form in the actual repair of the retractors or pretensioners of the seat belt, or in the replacement of the seat belt webbing. Lucky for everyone, Seat Belt Restore, located in Los Angeles California, offers both! And they offer it nationwide for everyone. Even better, this company offers these services for every make and model of vehicle, so nothing big or small is excluded!

Seat belt webbing repair can be done for  a variety of reasons. Esthetically, many people choose to upgrade from their regular black or gray to a vivid custom color like Ferrari Red, Cobalt Blue, Neon Green, Hot Pink or and Illuminating Yellow, to name a few. Others get color-matched seat belt webbing repair to replace cut, torn, frayed, worn out, or even dog-chewed seatbelts and have them match their remaining original belts.

Retractor and pretensioner repair is something many want to get done after an accident, but don’t want to spend the extra money to get the work done at a dealer. Seat Belt Restore offers repair for seat belts that have been locked or been blown after an accident. When old belts wear out and have a hard time retracting, Seat Belt Restore is also able to fix that!

Whether you want to esthetically redesign the interior of your vehicle or you want to fix your seat belt after it has been involved in an accident, look no further than Seat Belt Restore! Online, you can select the service you are interested in, box up, and ship out your items using any carrier you’d like. Seat Belt Restore will take it from there. The seat belt masters will receive your items, work their magic to have them repaired and will ship it all back to you within 24 hours of receiving it! Together with the employment of skilled seat belt technicians, the use of only OEM parts, their affordable pricing, and a lifetime warranty on all they have to offer, you’ll no doubt be 100% satisfied, as is guaranteed for all of their customers.

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