Airbag Module Reset

Airbag Module Reset
Our airbag module reset services mail-in order in Los Angeles, CA

One unexpected car accident can separate you from driving your perfectly safe, reliable, and problem-free car one day to then driving a beat-up car that needs many adjustments, fixes, and modifications–an airbag module reset being one of them. Found in all cars, SRS airbag module systems control the whole airbag system and all the impact sensors, airbags, and seat belts go through it. When a car accident or collision occurs, an airbag module reset would be necessary to remove the stored crash data and get rid of the airbag light. If a seat belt has been deployed, that too can generate additional codes that may need to be reset.

Lucky for you, Seat Belt Restore has got you covered if you find yourself in such an unexpected and unfortunate situation. They are a facility located in Los Angeles, California that caters nationwide for all module reset needs. Customers might also find useful some of their other services they provide such as single, dual, and triple-stage seat belt repairs as well as seat belt webbing replacement to color match original belts or to replace with a custom color.

When it comes to the airbag module reset service, Seat Belt Restore makes sure to remove all hard codes and crash data and ensures that the modules sent in do not require any additional programming after being reset. In addition, only a meager $49.99 is required to get the service done. The facility employs specialized technicians, OEM parts, and a 24 hour turnaround time to ensure the top-most customer satisfaction. They even offer a lifetime warranty on their services!

The process of getting an airbag module reset is simple and easy enough for anyone to be able to do it. Customers simply need to purchase the SRS airbag module reset service online, remove the unit from their vehicle, and ship it to the facility using any carrier they’d like. Seat Belt Restore then receives the package, resets the module, and then ships it back to the customer– all within 24 hours upon receiving the unit!

Getting all the other problems fixed in a car that has been involved in a car accident might take longer and require more work, but at least the module being reset does not have to be, thanks to Seat Belt Restore!

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