Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

Seat Belt Webbing Replacement
Our mail-in seat belt webbing replacement service based in Los Angeles, CA

What do cut, frayed, torn, worn out, ripped, or even dog chewed chewed seatbelts have in common?–they all are potential reasons you may need to get seat belt webbing replacement. As everyone knows, seat belts are a crucial aspect of cars necessary for safety of passengers in everyday driving, let alone any vehicular collision or accident that may occur. And although seat belts are very sturdy and can last a long time–maybe even a lifetime–without needing to be replaced, accidents do happen, as does regular day-to-day wear-and-tear. Luckily, there are companies that specialize in restoring seatbelts so that they can operate to their fullest potential.

Take Seat Belt Restore, for example. They are a seatbelt company located in Los Angeles California that cater to seat belt and airbag module needs throughout the country. They are known not only for replacing seat belt webbing, but also specialize in resetting SRS airbag modules and repairing single, dual, and triple stage belts, in case getting your seat belt webbing replaced isn’t the only thing you are looking to do.

What sets apart Seat Belt Restore from other companies is their dedication to fulfill their 100% satisfaction guarantee for their customers–using everything in their power to do so. Besides employing skilled seat belt technicians, Seat Belt Restore uses OEM parts, establishes a life time warranty for all its services, and provides a 24 hour turnaround time for its customers. Additionally, their price at only $74.99 for a┬áseat belt webbing replacement service, is unbeatable.

Working with Seat Belt Restore to get webbing replaced is quick and simple too. Once customers set up an account, they select the service they are interested in and pre-pay for it online. When it comes to purchasing a seat belt webbing replacement service, customers have the choice to color match the new belt to their original belt color, or choose a custom color from a wide array of options. Next, the customer simply has to package their original seat belt with all its hardware and ship it out to the company using any preferred carrier. Seat Belt Restore then receives the package and replaces the webbing on the belts within 24 hours, and then ships the belts out!

Overall, Seat Belt Restore makes the entire process of replacing seat belt webbing easy, safe, and really quite simple!

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