The Different Types Of Seatbelts That You Have In Your Car But May Not Know About

Different Types of Seat Belts in Your Car

Like me, you may not have grown up learning too much about the airbags in a vehicle. You may know that they exist and that they serve in protecting us alongside seat belts, but not much more. However, they serve quite an important role in our overall safety while driving and shouldn’t just be dismissed. Below, let me go into a little more detail and teach you more about the different types of airbags.

To start with are the airbags you probably know about: the front airbags. Ever since the year 1995, the U.S. government has made it mandatory that all cars sold in the U.S. have dual front airbags. For the driver, the front airbag is located in the steering wheel, while the location switches to the dashboard for the front seat passenger. Most modern cars come with a weight sensor that stops the front passenger airbag from deploying if it senses a small child sitting there.

One set of airbags that you probably haven’t heard about is the knee airbags. These airbags prevent serious injury from occurring on your knees, such as your kneecaps shattering. Knee airbags work by deploying underneath a car’s dash—which stops the front seat passenger from hitting their knees. In general, knee injuries are very common in car accidents—so this type of airbag is very important.

In a vehicle, there are also side airbags. There are two main side airbags: those protecting the head—called curtain airbags—and those protecting the chest and torso area—called torso airbags. Both work alongside each other to protect occupants of a vehicle from side impact.

Along with the airbags, another part of the vehicle that sometimes goes unnoticed is the SRS airbag module. This component is what ties the entire airbag system together. If your vehicle is involved in a crash, an SRS airbag reset is the only thing that will fix it. Getting an SRS airbag reset will release all stored crash data and hard codes. Gets your SRS airbag reset at the company Safety Restore today!

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