Seat Belt Retractor Repair

Seat Belt Retractor Repair’s Mail-in Seat Belt Retractor Repair Services based in Los Angeles, CA but serving the whole nation!

Getting seat belt retractor repair work done can be due to a sudden mishap such as a car accident or crash, or can happen gradually from wearing out. Old seat belts wear out with time, the sweat that builds up on the fabric material over the years makes the seat belt retract slowly, and the spring weakens. On the other hand, a permanently locked retractor is one that has been deployed–meaning it has been involved in an accident or crash and will no longer work. This is because the seat belt is assembled with only one gas charge that goes off and locks the apparatus. It will no longer work once it has deployed.

Regardless of how the need for retractor repair came to be, it is something that has to be done. The actual seat belt retractor repair process is the unlocking of the locked seat belt, rebuilding of the mechanism, installing a new sensor and replacing the gas charge.  Because these are integral safety components, many people believe that a new seat belt replacement is the only option to ensure maximum safety. However, that is certainly not the case! Seat Belt Restore is a company located in Los Angeles, California that offers a complete seat belt retractor repair that enables customers to remove their existing seat belt retractor and mail it in for repair rather than purchasing an entirely new one. A new seat belt replacement just costs too much, and this is a much more reasonable alternative. Furthermore, the work is completed by experienced and highly trained engineers using 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools. The repair process restores the seat belt retractor back to factory condition and makes it as good as new. The price of only $64.99 saves customers money by the hundreds! A 24-hour turnaround time and a lifetime warranty is also quite appealing.

If a slow or permanently locked seat belt is bothering you today, head on over to Once you are there, all you have to do is select and prepay for the service online, remove your existing seat belt retractor, and mail it in. The seat belt masters at Seat Belt Restore will handle the rest when they receive your retractor, repair it, and send it back within 24 hours!

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