Pink Seat Belt Webbing

Pink Seat Belt Webbing
Our mail-in pink seat belt webbing replacement service located in Los Angeles, CA

You’ve gone your whole life conforming to society’s norm with every aspect of your life, such as getting a job straight out of college, getting married in your late twenties, and raising two children with your husband in a white picket-fenced house, but your car is the only way you feel like you can go all out and truly express yourself while standing out from the norm and one thing that you’ve been dying to do to it is replace the old belts with pink seat belt webbing! At home you know you have no freedom to add pink everywhere or else your husband or two children will resist, but adding such a bright splash of color in your car, that only you drive, is just what you need to make your picture-perfect life finally reach the true level of perfection.

At Seat Belt Restore, the company doesn’t mind if you have an outrageous desire to have pink seatbelts, in fact–they encourage it! They have seen their customers choose from a variety of different colors, whether it was Cobalt Blue, Ferrari Red, Neon Green, or a dazzling yellow, and they love seeing how that simple change of seat belt webbing not only glams up their customer’s cars, but also evidently makes them happier and proud to drive their vehicle.

Seat Belt Restore ensures that all their customers leave 100% satisfied with the services that they’ve been provided. The company employs skilled seat belt technicians, ensures the use of OEM parts, and provides a 24-hour turnaround time for all their services. The pink seat belt webbing replacement service you purchase from them will also cost you a very reasonable price of only $74.99 per belt, considering all the work that is put in and the price of getting them done elsewhere.

The process of going from a drab gray seat belt to a piercing pink is simple and fast! You simply select the service for pink seat belt webbing online, box up your current seat belt webbing, ensuring to include all the hardware, and ship it out to the facility using any carrier you prefer. Seat Belt Restore then received your belt(s) and replaces the webbing before shipping the package back to you within 24 hours of receiving it!

Seat Belt Restore provides this service to all makes and models, so send yours in today and recommend a friend! Who knows, maybe you aren’t the only one who likes to THINK PINK!

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