Red Seat Belt Webbing

Red Seat Belt Webbing
Our mail-in red seat belt webbing replacement service based from Los Angeles, California

Your raging red race-car consists of everything a red race-car should have–red paint job, red rims, red stripes on the upholstery–the only thing that can possibly be improved on is updating the regular black seatbelts with radiant red seat belt webbing!

Upon searching for a reliable facility to complete this job for you, as you wouldn’t trust a simple run-of-the mill shop to take the proper care of your red racer, you stumble upon Seat Belt Restore and quickly realize they are the perfect ones to get the job done! They are a trusted company located in Los Angeles California but you are happy to see that they provide their services nationwide! They offer great pricing at only $74.99 per belt for red seat belt webbing, a turnaround time of 24 hours upon receiving your items, and the employment of skilled seat belt technicians using OEM parts. In addition, you find that they ensure a lifetime warranty on their work, unlike most other companies you have dealt with or seen in your searching.

The company provides its services for all makes and models of vehicles, so the work could have been done even if you were driving an ugly old pickup truck rather than your shiny red race-car. They even provide other services, which you may not need now but that can come in handy in the future, such as seat belt repair for single, dual, and triple stage seat belts, and SRS airbag module resets to erase all crash data hard codes following a car accident.

You find that the steps to make that gray to red seat belt transition are few and simple, as you had hoped for. You simply have to remove your current seat belt webbing, box it up and ship it out to the facility, making sure to include all the hardware pieces, and wait for the company to receive the belts, replace the webbing, and send it all back to you within 24 hours!

Upon receiving back your red seat belt webbing replacement service, you wonder where Seat Belt Restore had been all your life and why you hadn’t thought to make this switch earlier on in life. Then you realize it’s okay, not everything in life happens as fast as your red race-car can go.

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