Seat Belt Tensioner Repair

Seat Belt Tensioner Repair’s Mail-in Seat Belt Tensioner Repair Services based in Los Angeles, CA but serving the whole nation!

A seat belt tensioner repair may be something that you think you need, but you do not want to spend the money for an entire new seat belt at the dealer. Lucky for you, Seat Belt Restore has a service just for that.

Here at Seat Belt Restore, we know that a working seat belt tensioner is crucial for you and your safety while driving a vehicle. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure our customers’ 100% satisfaction. Seat Belt Restore, located in Los Angeles, California services individuals nationwide and even overseas! We make sure to employ experienced and highly trained engineers to complete the orders, ensure the use of OEM parts while using industry standard tools, offer a 24 hour turnaround time for your convenience and safety, implement a lifetime warranty on everything, charge up to 80% less than you would pay at a dealer, and our services are compatible with all makes and models of vehicles!

If you suspect that your tensioner needs to be replaced and are sold on sending it to Seat Belt Restore, but you don’t know for sure, and are confused about what exactly a tensioner is and does, it’s best to determine that before purchasing the service. And it really is quite simple. A seat belt buckle pretensioner is the female part of the seat belt where the seat belt latch buckles into, also commonly known as the “buckle”. Whereas some seat belt buckles do not come with a gas charge, some do and this serves as a secondary restraint. A gas charge is a small explosive mechanism engineered into the seat belt that goes off when an accident or collision occurs. Many cars only have  a gas charge in the seat belt retractor, but some also have them in the buckles. If it went off, that determines that you need to repair your seat belt buckle pretensioner. You can either scan your system with an OBD airbag scanning tool or visually inspect the buckle to see if your buckle pretensioner is bad. It will appear compressed and/or “squished” in.

At Seat Belt Restore, our customers can attest to the success we’ve had in seat belt tensioner repair, rebuilding them to factory condition and making them good as new! Each buckle pretensioner is even tested with a dual-pro system to warrant a successful repair!

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