Seat Belt Webbing Replacement Service

Seat Belt Webbing Replacement Service
Our mail-in seat belt webbing replacement service located in Los Angeles, CA.

You find yourself in a real doozy of a situation when you agree to dog sit your brother’s pit bull for the weekend, and on the way to the park he chews right through the seat belt on your new Audi Q8, leaving you with no other choice but to get a seat belt webbing replacement service. After searching online through several seat belt webbing replacement companies, you find Seat Belt Restore. Of all the companies you’ve seen so far, none look as promising as this one. Not only will your vehicle be driving on the road in no time again, due to the company’s 24 hour turnaround time, but this facility also guarantees 100% satisfaction from their customers by employing skilled seat belt technicians, OEM parts, great online reviews, and even a lifetime warranty for their services. The price for seat belt webbing replacement is also unbeatable at only $74.99 per belt! Located in Los Angeles, California but providing its services throughout the country, this company works with all makes and models of vehicles!

The replacement service Seat Belt Restore offers is simple and fast. First, the seat belt webbing replacement service would need to be selected online, then the preferred color chosen for the replaced seat belt webbing. For this step, customers are allowed to choose the color match option to match their original seat belt color, or choose from a wide array of colors for a custom pop of color in their car. Next, the original belt(s) would need to be removed and placed into a box, having all the hardware pieces attached, before being shipped out using any carrier of choice. After that, everything is in the hands of Seat Belt Restore, which then receives the belts, replaces the webbing on them, and ships them back to the customer within 24 hours!

Lucky for you, your brother’s pit bull only chewed through one seat belt, but if he ever even tried to chew through another, you’d now be prepared and know who to turn to! You even find that the company specializes in other things such as SRS airbag module repair and single, dual, and triple-stage seat belt repairs, which may unexpectedly come in handy at some point, just like the dog-chewed seat belts needing to be replaced did!

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