Hyundai’s New Concept Car-“Elevate”

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You may have grown up reading comic books or science fiction novels about futuristic vehicles like floating shuttles. However, even reading that probably never made you believe it might actually happen one day. Well it might, thanks to the South Korean automotive manufacturer, Hyundai. If you haven’t read about it yourself, let me fill you in.

Just recently, the car manufacturer Hyundai came up with a concept car that is like no other. What sets it apart from all other vehicles is its body. Hyundai decided to put together the idea of EV technology and robotics to create a car that can “walk” with four legs. A press release from the company stated that the vehicle’s legs have at least three joints each to allow for driving, walking, and even climbing difficult terrain! Talk about different. A great positive about this vehicle would be that it could be used in areas or circumstances that regular cars cannot handle. A possible example would be rubble after a natural disaster or destructive event has occurred. It could be used as a rescue vehicle because its legs would allow for better access to hard-to-reach places.

The name Hyundai has come up for this model is called “Elevate.” The car manufacturer is setting this model apart from the rest by saying it is the first Ultimate Mobility Vehicle, or UMV, that the world will see. This unique concept car is set to be debuted on January 7th at the Mandalay Bay South Convention Center. There, the public’s perception of such a futuristic vehicle will be found out.

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