Driver of a Chevy Tahoe Gets Lucky After Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel

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All of us can probably attest to driving while extremely tired at some point in our life. Even though this can result in very dangerous outcomes, many drivers do so out of necessity. Whether it be driving home after a long work shift or having to drive out to school after only a couple hours of sleep, many drivers turn to the road in an exhausted state. One recent incident involving a Chevy Tahoe was no different.

Just about a month ago a driver of a Chevy Tahoe was filmed on a dash cam of a semi truck driving from behind. In the video, the Chevy Tahoe was seen driving off-road. The craziest part of the video was the Chevy’s narrow escape from hitting a large utility pole. Had the driver hit the utility pole, the car—as well as the driver—would probably have been a goner. Somehow the driver was able to regain control. It was later made apparent that he was operating his vehicle while extremely tired and had fallen asleep behind the wheel.

In the end, it was very fortunate that the driver didn’t hit the utility pole. Also, it was very lucky that his car did not come into contact with any other vehicles on the road. This story can now only serve as an example for that driver, and all others too. To spare yourself from possible danger or even death, make it a point to be driven to your destination if you feel too tired to drive there yourself. It is much better to hitch a ride from a family member or friend, or even order a taxi or Uber, than potentially find yourself in a situation like this one.

Speaking of safety on the road, you should also make sure that your car is working properly at all times. Similar to falling asleep on the road, avoiding repair work on your vehicle can result in very gruesome consequences. If you own a Chevy yourself and see that you need Chevy seat belt repair, don’t hesitate to get it done immediately. The company Seat Belt Restore can perform Chevy seat belt repair for a very affordable price. When getting your Chevy seat belt repair here, you will be guaranteed safety and quality, plus you’ll end up with a lifetime warranty!

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