Seat Belt Repair Company Grand Opening in Los Angeles, California

Seat Belt Repair Company, a Seat Belt Repair and Airbag Module Reset company, opens its doors in Los Angeles, California.

The first seat belt repair company on the west coast opens its door in Los Angeles, CA! While the service has been making waves in the salvage industry since around 2008, it was always on the east coast. This put customers looking to get their seat belts repaired after accident out of California, Oregon & Washington state in the longest waiting period. This is because the seat belt repair service operates on a mail-in basis. The customer must remove the faulty seat belts and ship them to the repair facility. With days in transit to get to the company, time to repair and then days to come back really adds up.

With body shops, dealers and used auto sales businesses moving cars fast, seat belts is one final safety component that no car can get back on the road without. Seat Belt Restore located in the heart of Los Angeles, CA features all types of seat belt repairs from all makes & models that are locked or blown after accident. Another hot service is the seat belt webbing replacement option, that gives customers the ability to replace their seat belts with a color of their choice! Of course a replacement with the same car is also available for seat belts that frayed, chewed by dogs or simply ripped or cut.

California has always been the largest populated state in the U.S. with close to 40 million people they permanently reside. Los Angeles alone homes 4 million. With car shops in every corner and classic car collectors, car enthusiasts and car rebuilders, Seat Belt Restore is now one great option for many to use.

Seat belts are part of the airbag system in every modern car. Controlled by the SRS airbag module, seat belts have a gas charge generator that deploys during an accident. Once deployed, this seat belt may lock up and an airbag light will be illuminated. Note that airbags do not have to necessary deploy for the seat belts to lock up. Once this happens, these seat belts will not operate properly and certainly won’t work in a crash. It is extremely important for every car, especially a salvage one or one that has been in a crash/accident to have rebuilt seat belts or new seat belt replacements. Repairing your seat belts is a cost-effective option compared to buying new one from the dealer.

Seat Belt Repair Company Serving All of California and Nationwide

Though Seat Belt Restore is locates in Los Angeles, California, customers from surrounding areas such as Sacramento, CA, San Francisco, CA, San Diego, CA, San Jose, CA and other cities can mail in their seat belts for repair. In fact, customers from anywhere in the United States can mail them in. Seat Belt Restore features:

•Fast 24 hour turnaround repair

•OEM parts in all rebuilt seat belts

•Dozens of seat belt webbing colors

•100% guaranteed service or your money back

•Lifetime Warranty

It’s hard to beat these Seat Belt Restore terms. Get started with your seat belt repair after accident or seat belt webbing replacement color today and save!

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