How Not To Wear Your Seat Belt; How to Properly Wear a Seat Belt

wearing seat belt
Wearing Seat Belt Properly

Have you ever found yourself driving on a long road trip and subconsciously changing the position of your seat belt to have the shoulder portion now sit behind your back or under your arm? You may have chosen to do that for another reason. Perhaps the clothing or coat you were wearing was too bulky, and it just felt more comfortable to slide your seat belt into this position. If you can attest to this, know that you are not alone. Many drivers and passengers resort to doing this. Some even admit that they know it isn’t the best choice, but they would instead do so than completely unbuckle their seat belt. The problem with this is that you, and whoever else has admitted to doing this, have greatly jeopardized their safety by doing too.

The thing is, a seat belt must be worn in the way that it was manufactured to work to allow for optimal protection to the passenger. That means that you should secure it, fasten it, and give it a little tug to ensure that it is nice and snug. You should never tuck the seat belt behind your back or underneath your arm. In fact, and to the surprise of many, wearing a seat belt incorrectly can result in more injuries than if a seat belt wasn’t used at all! Let that sink in. Hopefully, that will have you second-guessing your decisions if you ever have the urge to wear a seat belt this way again.

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