Seat Belt Repair for Stratford, Washington

Seat Belt Restore is the #1 seat belt repair company on the west coast. Whether you are in Stratford or anywhere else in the country, we can service your seatbelt repair needs with our 24 hour turn around mail-in repair service.

Now you can save thousands of dollars by avoiding the need to replace your seat belts. Simply follow these three steps and we can get your seat belt working like new for a fraction of the cost:

  • 1. Select the seat belt repair service that you need and order it on our website.
  • 2. Take off your seat belts and ship them to our facility in Washington.
  • 3. We will have the repaired, tested and shipped back within a short 24 hours so you can get them back into your vehicle.

We offer many seat belt repair and restoration services, take a look at the list of options below:

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    Rob Lindsay
    We work with salvage cars on a rather large scale and buying new seat belts does add up. Now, repairing the seat belts instead of buying new? We heard of the possibility, but never tried it out mostly due to the fact that the companies were too far from us or quite frankly just did not have the reputation to uphold the risk of working on safety devices. When I discovered Seat Belt Restore, I immediately called and spoke to their sales manager Alex. Alex was very knowledgeable and helpful to say the least - I was sold. Actually went out to their location and met Alex and their office! Located in downtown Los Angeles, Arts District, getting there was easy and now I have a trustworthy company to work on my seat belts. After our first job, a pair for a Mercedes E-class we were working on, I learned that they are able to reset SRS airbag modules! Highly recommend Seat Belt Restore, Alex and the entire team!
    James Yanyuk
    Incredible turnaround time and service quality! The staff are very helpful and walk you through the entire process to make you feel at ease. The team behind Seat Belt Restore is the best the industry has to offer, and the only with true integrity. Highly recommended.
    Josh Balogh
    Completely satisfied with the service I received. It's nice to have a company that stands behind their promise... 24hr turn around worked out great for me. Now I got the color I desire instead of the settling for whatever. Highly recommend this company, and go with the ferrari red color. IT POPS!

America’s Most Preferred After Accident Repair Company

Over 200,000 customers each year trust Seat Belt Restore with their seat belt repair, SRS airbag module reset, custom colored seat belts and seat belt webbing replacement services.


24h Turnaround

24 Hour Turnaround on all repairs and colored seat belt webbing replacement

Lifetime Warranty

100% quality and performance guaranteed

100% OEM

100% OEM seat belt, airbag and webbing parts guaranteed

How We Save You Money

Whether your vehicle has been involved in an accident or your seat belts have become worn, frayed, or dog chewed over time, there is no need to buy expensive new seat belts or SRS airbag modules.

You can have your parts repaired for half the cost of replacing. Seat Belt Restore helps you save hundreds of dollars by avoiding overpriced dealers without sacrificing quality.

How Does It Work

The process involves just 3 simple steps.

Place Your Order Online

Choose the seat belt or airbag module service that suits your needs.

Mail in Your Parts

Seat Belt Restore
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We Get the Job Done

We start working on your part as soon as it arrives in our warehouse. We guaranteed your part will be shipped back to you in 24 hours or less.

save up to 80% and be 100% satisfied

Why Choose Seat Belt Restore

Save Hundreds

Dealers will charge you hundreds of dollars for a new part or a repair service. We can save you up to 80% and leave you 100% satisfied.

24h Turnaround

We offer industry’s fastest turnarounds. All repairs, resets and seat belt webbing replacements are done within 24 hours of receiving the part.

Colored Seat Belts

Seat Belt Restore offers dozens of custom webbing colors to choose from. Compatible with any car and all seat belt types.

Lifetime Warranty

Seat Belt Restore offers a lifetime warranty and high performance on seat belt and airbag module services and products.

100% OEM

Be 100% sure your seat belt and airbag module parts are repaired using the original equipment manufacturer parts.


SRS airbag module reset

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Seat belt repair

$84.99 $74.95
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Dual Stage Seat Belt Repair

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Custom Color Seat Belt

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Dual-Stage Seat Belt Repair

Faulty seat belts rebuilt back to factory condition using OEM parts.

Dual-stage seat belt repair service for locked and blown seat belts after the accident. The repair service will clear any seat belt related airbag codes and faults such as “passenger seat belt pre-tensioner resistance too high” or “passenger seat belt pre-tensioner resistance too low” and others.

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Custom Color Seat Belt

We offer a colored seat belts webbing replacement service, compatible with any make/model car and all seatbelt types.

Get Custom colored seat belts such as Ferrari Red, Yellow, Cobalt Blue and more! Replace frayed or torn seat belts, dog chewed seat belts, and classic car seat belts that are old, worn out and need restoration. We use webbing that meets FMVSS regulations and is completed by experienced technicians.

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Seat Belt Repair

Seat belt repair after accident and general repair services offered using OEM parts to rebuild locked or blown seat belts.

We fix, repair and restore seat belt retractors, pretensioner, tensioners & buckles that are deployed during a crash. While Seat Belt Restore is based in Westfield, MA, we offer a mail-in service for customers nationwide and even internationally.

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SRS Airbag Module Reset

We offer a 24-hour turnaround on all airbag module reset services, erasing crash data hard codes.

If your airbags deployed and your airbag light is on and illuminated, you need an SRS airbag module reset service performed on your airbag computer.

Learn more about airbag module resets »

Seat Belt Restore is a post accident restoration service for your seatbelts and airbags located in downtown Westfield, Massachusetts.

40 Main St.
Westfield, Massachusetts 01085
United States

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