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Why Your Airbag Warning Light Is Flashing: Our Guide

Similar to seat belt repair, it’s not that common to call an automotive repair professional for an airbag repair. However, when there’s something wrong with your car’s airbag, it’s necessary that you get it fixed as soon as possible. Also, if you have been in an accident where your airbags got deployed, you need to have them replaced, and their sensors reset. 

That one might already be obvious, but what about airbag issues that occur even if there wasn’t an accident? For instance, you might notice that the warning light for the airbags light up for no reason or may even be flashing on the dashboard or display. As you probably know, when the warning light is on, it means the airbags won’t deploy properly in case of an accident because they are deactivated––that’s a cause for worry, for sure! 

In some instances, the airbag warning light is on just by accident and requires nothing more than a quick reset, but there are other instances when it may lead to the airbag failing to deploy: 

The Back-Up Battery for the Airbag Might Be Depleted

Has your car’s battery drained recently? If so, that may have led to the depletion of the airbag backup battery. Most of the time, it will self-correct as soon as the battery is charged full again. In case it doesn’t, you would have to get it recharged together with a sensor reset. 

The Sensors Might Be Faulty

There are many sensors connected to a variety of components in your car. They all directly link to your vehicle’s computer system so that it will be able to determine if there are any issues and then alert you as the driver. The problem is these sensors are not immune from failing or getting tripped accidentally, which could lead to the airbag warning light illuminating. 

The Airbag Clock Spring May Be Damaged

The role of the airbag clock spring is to ensure that there’s continuity between the driver-side airbag and the car’s electrical wiring. This spring coils in and out with every move of the steering wheel. And as you can expect, this can get worn out as time passes and lead to airbag failure. 

The Airbag Module Might Be Wet

Water damage can have a detrimental effect on the airbag module that is found under the driver and the passenger seat. Sometimes, even the lightest water damage can lead to corrosion, or the module could short. If the airbag module is damaged in any way, it won’t work as it should. Also, when a module shorts, the airbag warning light immediately flashes a warning to notify you of internal issues. 


You might think that surely a flashing airbag warning light poses no real threat to your safety, but the thing is that you never really know when accidents happen. And sadly, no matter how careful you are as a driver, you cannot say the same for all the other drivers on the road. It is crucial that all the safety features of your car are working properly at all times, and that includes your airbags. 

You wouldn’t want to compromise your safety or that of your passengers, so at the first sign of trouble from the warning light, go and search for ‘airbag repair or airbag module reset near you’ to have the problem rectified!

If you are in Westfield, MA, or in a nearby area, Seat Belt Restore can provide you with airbag module reset or airbag replacement services. Whether your airbag light is on after deploying during an accident or due to any of the reasons mentioned above, our expert team can address the problem for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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