Why Seatbelts Are Your Best Friend for Safer Driving

“Seat belts save lives”: among the different lessons that are imparted by driving schools and safety advertisements all over the country, this is the quote that never loses its significance.

Ever since America doubled-down on its road safety standards, seat belts have taken a paramount role in protecting every driver on the road. From SUVs and heavy-duty trucks to sports cars and sedans, the safety devices in question are always mandatory in any car because of the way they save lives in dire situations.

Don’t believe us? This statistic will convince you: 

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, seat belts saved nearly 15,000 lives in 2017 from potentially-catastrophic accidents. Through the strict enforcement and use of a seat belt alone (and corresponding standards), those involved in serious accidents lived to tell the tale and get back on the road again.  

Considering the sheer amount of difference that the average seat belt system can make in any drivers’ overall safety on the road, you should also appreciate these simple safety tools more. 

The heightened importance of buckling up in the winter

While seatbelts are undeniably important all-year-round, they’re even more vital for adequate road safety in the winter because of the heightened frequency of accidents in such conditions. 

With even the most experienced of drivers being prone to experiencing accidents in slippery weather conditions and lower temperatures, your seatbelts take on a more critical role in preventing severe injuries during a collision. Here are some of the most common accidents that can take place during the winter season, all of which will require your seat belt system to step in and save the day: 

  • Severe loss of traction, leading to higher risks skidding and reduced stopping and steering capabilities.
  • An increase in potential collisions at a stationary position because of other drivers who are unable to control their vehicles.
  • A tendency for rollovers after oversteering or excessive compensation in the event where skidding or hydroplaning occur.

What happens if you don’t keep an eye on your seat belts or use them?

Generally, failing to have a seat belt on when driving around the winter will put you a few to plenty of steps closer to an emergency situation. Unlike accidents during regular reasons that can be further controlled because of higher friction levels on the road, winter driving leaves all commuters prone to experiencing worsened results. 

Seeing that the wintertime leaves drivers more prone to experiencing severe events like rollovers and t-bones with accelerated rates, not having a seatbelt on can: 

  • Result in broken bones, fractures, and concussions as a result of a car being rattled by a sudden force without measures to stop your or your loved ones from moving violently within the enclosed space.
  • Leave you prone to becoming a projectile in a crash that will cause you to be pinned under the sheer weight of a car or leave you prone to death because of heightened velocity rates.

What should you do if your seatbelt is broken?

If your seatbelt doesn’t tighten, fasten shut, click closed, or is far too loose than it should be, you’re likely dealing with a broken seatbelt that needs to be replaced before your winter drives. Thankfully, bringing your car over to Seat Belt Restore will help save you precious time and money because our experts are trained to handle the system of any make or model swiftly!


Although it’s no secret that seat belts are important for safer driving all-year-round, their importance can only grow even more once it’s wintertime because of how much danger a system in tip-top shape can prevent. By keeping the key points mentioned above in mind, you’ll be prepared with a refined sense of awareness and respect for the difference that seat belts can make during this winter (and beyond)!

Seat Belt Restore is an after-accident repair company, providing various high-quality products and services to help individuals restore their vehicles. If you need a seat belt repair service in Westfield, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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