What You Need to Know About Seatbelts & Why They Are Important

Vehicles come with various safety features to ensure that the driver remains as safe as possible when an accident occurs. One of the most important features is the seatbelt itself. It alone has saved thousands of lives every year, and that number is only going to go up if people were more proactive at wearing seatbelts. While some people argue that seat belts reduce the chances of survival, there is no situation out there where you should not be wearing a seatbelt.

With that in mind, here is more that you need to know about seatbelts and why it is so important to wear one.

The effectiveness of seatbelts

According to statistics, almost half of all deaths in auto-related accidents are because the victim was not wearing a seatbelt. However, many people still argue that there are times where a seatbelt can be more of a hindrance than a lifesaver. For example, some may say that a seatbelt will only trap you if the car is in a fire or that a pregnant woman is under more risk when wearing a seatbelt.

If you think that both statements above make sense, think again. More often than not, car fires are caused by major accidents. If you were not wearing a seatbelt, chances are, you are either unconscious from the extreme forces or have died on impact. A fire would be the last thing to worry about when you are in an accident. As for pregnant women, the injuries sustained from a seatbelt will be far less bad than not wearing one.

How it works

Different seat belts will work differently depending on the vehicle it is found. However, in many cases, a seatbelt will have a mechanism that adds tension to the belt in case of an accident. Some more sophisticated cars have a pretension device that applies tension when it is signaled to do so by a collision detector. Regardless of the system used, a seatbelt will lock itself to ensure that you do not get tossed around the vehicle during an accident.

Fixing a seatbelt

Once a seatbelt has been used in an accident, they need to be replaced immediately. That is because the seatbelt system may have already worn out right after the accident, or the belt itself loosened too much. To replace it, you will need to head to a mechanic to do the job. That is because only a professional can ensure everything is set in place properly to work as intended if an accident occurs.


We cannot stress enough how important it is to have your car’s seatbelt worn every time you drive outside. Even if you are just a passenger on the back, a seatbelt can still be the difference between surviving an accident and succumbing to the forces. That being said, if you have been through an accident and have been wearing a seatbelt, you will need to have it replaced right away. A seatbelt is a one-time-use safety device only, and using an already used seatbelt is just the same as wearing no seatbelt at all.

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