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What You Need to Know about Accidental Airbag Deployment

Accidental airbag deployment can be caused by system errors, tampering with the airbag system, or extreme environmental conditions. It leads to injuries ranging from minor concussions to serious head injuries and even death. Below we will cover the causes, prevention methods, and tips on how to avoid any potential injuries related to accidental airbag deployment.

What You Need to Know about Accidental Airbag Deployment

An airbag is a passive restraint system designed to protect the driver and passengers in a collision by deploying from the steering wheel, dashboard, and door panels. In most vehicles, when a crash is detected, a sensor sends a signal to the airbag control module, which then causes an igniter to burn, which in turn causes gas to rapidly expand, which inflates the airbag.

What Are the Causes of Accidental Airbag Deployment?

There are three major causes of accidental airbag deployment:

Improper installation or tampering with the airbag system. This can be caused by the owner or a repair shop taking it apart or, in some cases, tampering with the system to disable it. User error. If the driver is too close to the steering wheel and the airbags deploy, it can lead to serious injuries. Extreme environmental conditions. Airbags are designed to deploy in low-speed collisions, which means when they deploy in higher-speed collisions, they can cause serious injuries.

Preventing Accidental Airbags Deployment

As the consumer, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from accidents:

Do not attempt to repair or modify the airbag system yourself. Do not work on the airbag system if it has been deployed. Replace any airbag sensors or other components that have been tampered with or removed. Replace any airbags that have been damaged or exposed to extreme heat or cold. Follow all installation instructions from the vehicle manufacturer. If your vehicle has been in a collision, even if it was minor, have the airbag system checked by a professional.

Avoid Injury by Working with a Professional

Accidental airbag deployment is a serious safety concern for consumers, especially if the airbags have been deployed in a collision. By working with an experienced airbag technician, you can prevent accidental airbag deployment from happening and safeguard yourself from injuries.

Why Having a Functional Airbag Is Critical

In order to function properly, an airbag needs to be properly installed and connected to the vehicle’s electrical system. If a vehicle has been in a collision and the airbag has deployed, the most important thing is to have the airbag replaced by a professional. This can be dangerous if it is not handled properly because the airbag could be damaged, or the airbag system could be even more damaged than it already is. Let the professionals do the work and make sure your airbag system is replaced correctly.


The main cause of accidental airbag deployment is tampering with the airbag system, which is why it is important to understand the dangers that come with falsifying the airbag system. By working with a professional airbag technician, you can ensure that the airbag system is repaired properly after a crash and that it is replaced correctly if it has been deployed accidentally.

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