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4 Warning Lights on Your Car Dashboard and What They Indicate

With so many new car features, we old-time drivers may have a tough time figuring out what all the bells and whistles mean and do in a modern vehicle. While some lights you may be familiar with, new additions may be a mystery to you. However, the meaning tends to stay the same. If a light that wasn’t there previously turns on, there’s a chance that it is pointing out an issue in the vehicle.

In this article, we’ll talk about the various warning lights you may see on your car’s dashboard and help you understand what they mean.

Oil Light

If you see the oil light come on, take it seriously. It indicates that the oil levels in your engine are dangerously low, or that there is a problem stopping the oil from circulating through the engine properly. Regardless of the actual situation, you need to send the car in for inspection immediately. This way, you reduce the risk of permanently damaging your car engine.

Brake Light

When the brake lights come on, it is a sign telling you that there’s a problem with the braking system. It can be anything from low brake fluid to an electronic issue in the system itself. Either way, having the brakes checked is a must to ensure that your braking ability isn’t compromised while you are driving. This way, you can ensure that the brakes work as expected when you step on them. Also, you eliminate the risk of the brake components catching on fire due to brake fluid leaks if any.

Airbag Light

Not all cars will have an airbag light, simply because not all cars have airbags. However, modern cars nowadays have made airbags a standard, so if you have a newer car, your vehicle will more than likely have airbags installed. That being said, if your airbag light comes on, it means that there’s an issue with the airbag system, which can prevent them from kicking in correctly if you get into an accident. Because of this issue, you need to get the airbag system fixed right away.

Battery Light

A lit battery light means that your alternator isn’t charging the battery properly. Although the battery will still power your car for some time, it will die sooner rather than later. That’s because the battery won’t get enough power to sustain the vehicle’s power usage, and will leave your car dead in its tracks, unable to start the engine when you turn it off. As such, you will need to send the car in for the alternator to be checked and repaired.


There are various other lights you may come across in your driving experience, from the thermometer lights to the check engine lights. Regardless, any light on the dashboard that isn’t an indicator of where you’re turning and the likes are warning signs that something is amiss in the vehicle. If you’re unsure, it is always wise to send the car in for a check-up and repairs. If there is any trouble, professional technicians can get to work, ensuring that the problem is fixed, the light off, and you are driving safely and happily.

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