The Lowdown on Seatbelts: Why Are They So Important

Automobile transportation is one of the safest ways to get to a destination, but only if you’re using your vehicle’s safety features right. One of the most important features any car has is a seatbelt, seeing that it has saved countless lives and has prevented hundreds of injuries for years. 

But since it’s a staple feature in automobiles, many people take its importance for granted, forgetting to utilize them. The moment you forget to wear your seatbelt on the road, you put yourself at higher risk of accidents and death. 

For that reason, it’s important to ensure that your seatbelts are correctly working and to get seat belt repair immediately if they fail to function correctly. 

If you’re one of those who need a bit of a refresher on the importance of seatbelts, keep reading. Here are some facts and data that illustrate how important it is to buckle up your seatbelt while you’re in a motor vehicle.

A Rundown on Seat Belt Statistics

  • On the road, there are at least one out of five drivers who will be involved in a traffic crash;
  • The leading cause of death among people ages 44 and younger is motor vehicle crashes;
  • Vehicle accidents are the number one cause of head and spinal cord injury;
  • Unfortunately, 35,000 people die from vehicular accidents yearly, and 50% of them could’ve been saved had they worn their seatbelts;
  • Whenever there is a 1% increase in safety belt use, 172 lives can be spared, and $100 million in annual injury and death costs could be saved;
  • Seat Belts help reduce the number of fatal and severe injuries by 50% and deaths by 60 to 70%;
  • Unfortunately, 75% of crashes occur 25 miles of a home; that’s why it’s best to fasten your seatbelts the moment you get into your car;
  • Motorists are 25 times more likely to sustain serious injuries or to be killed in a crash when they are “thrown clear” as compared to when they remain inside a car;
  • Seatbelts are the best defense against unpredictable road behavior, such as actions of a drunk driver;
  • A common cause of death and injury in children is being crushed by adults who aren’t wearing their seatbelt;
  • 80% of the injuries sustained by children in car accidents are injuries to the head, which causes brain damage, disfigurement, epilepsy, and even death;
  • For every 100 children who die in car accidents, 80 would’ve survived if they were using an approved child safety belt;

These are only a few of some seatbelt statistics and facts you need to know that may convince you to buckle up the moment you decide to hit the road. 

Unfortunately, road accidents are incredibly unpredictable, and they can happen to you anytime and anywhere. As mentioned earlier, some even occur a few miles from your home and at low speed. And in most cases, lives could’ve been saved if the passenger was wearing a seat belt. 

Even if you think your seatbelt is working fine, it’s best to have it inspected by professionals to ensure that its functions and parts work in great condition. Moreover, if you were recently in a vehicular accident, it’s best to get seat belt repairs immediately to ensure your safety on the road. 

The Bottom Line: Seat Belts Saves Lives, Don’t Sleep On Its Importance

Before hitting the road, make sure to buckle up your seatbelts. Seatbelts, as mentioned earlier, can save countless lives and help reduce the risk of serious injuries. For this reason, proper maintenance and seat belt repairs are a must. 

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