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How Exactly Are Stuck Car Seat Belts Released and Reset?

Car seat belts can be stuck due to a variety of reasons. Usually, this is the condition the belt may be in after a car accident, tangling after whatever collision had occurred prior to the automobile. There are also instances where the belt has become stuck due to wear and tear.

Keep in mind that a stuck seat belt is something that you need to handle as soon as possible in order to avoid more dangerous complications like a lack of effectiveness in the future. It’s important to avoid such a compromise that may harm the passenger or driver of the car.

First, it is advised that you avoid pulling severely on the seat belt because this may only cause greater injuries. And secondly, it’s best to bring the stuck car seat belt to a restoration company who would know how to fix the damage on it.

Here’s a detailed guide to how your suck car seat belt is released and reset by a professional:

1) Unlatching the Cartridge

Since the cartridge of the seat belt is what has likely caused the belt to get stuck, the first thing that is done is to remove the cartridge from its holder. The cartridge will be the first thing that you need to remove for proper access.

Most seat belts would have an emergency release lever on the tongue, but it will only work if the car is not in motion. Be sure to stop the motion of the car door by pulling on the handle to let a seat belt restoration expert to unlatch the cartridge.

2) Freeing the Seat Belt Mechanism

The next thing to do is to free the seat belt mechanism with the assistance of a jack. Of course, this will be possible if the seat belt has not been damaged from the collision, as there are scenarios where the belt has been crushed and require replacement.

Otherwise, the car seat belt restoration expert should also be able to remove the seat belt mechanism from its housing. Typically, a flathead screwdriver will be used in order to complete this step and free up the belt.

3) Pulling the Belt Completely

Once the seat belt mechanism has been removed, and you no longer need to use the jack, you can pull the seat belt completely in order to undo the tangle that has been done to it. A seat belt restoration expert would do this by pulling the seat belt in opposite directions.

After loosening the seat belt up, it’s time to pull the belt out completely from its housing. It’s made sure that the car seat belt is in good condition before removing it with a pair of pliers to avoid damaging it.

4) Untangling the Seat Belt

For the last step, the same pair of pliers in the previous step are used to untangle the seat belt. Professionals also use either a clean rag or a pair of gloves in order to avoid further damaging the car seat belt.

This step is considered the easiest out of the entire process, as it will involve the loosening and straightening of the whole belt. After that, you can easily pull the belt out of the vehicle to finish up the reset.


Getting a stuck seat belt is an aggravating thing, especially if you’re in a hurry. But the best thing that you can do for now is to leave it to a car seat belt restoration expert to help you solve the problem.

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