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Frequently Asked Questions about Airbag Lights and Modules

Airbags are important vehicle safety technology that have saved countless lives since 1952. According to the National Highway Travel Safety Authority, airbags have saved over 50,457 lives. As the number of vehicular accidents increases each year, airbags, seat belts, and other vehicle safety devices are more crucial than ever.

SRS airbag modules are computers found in vehicles. They record and store vehicular crash information after every incident. Airbag lights are the primary indication when the module is activated.

Why is your airbag light on despite being accident-free? Do you need an airbag replacement when your airbag light suddenly turns on? This article will answer these questions and other frequently asked questions like it.

Where Is the Airbag Light?

You can find the airbag light, also called the SRS light, in the instrument panel on your dash. Some airbag lights will say “airbag” in all caps. However, most vehicles would have an icon of a person sitting with their seatbelt on and a circle indicating an airbag.

Although the airbag light is easily identifiable, some people confuse it with the seatbelt light. Before you call for an airbag module reset near you, ensure that the airbag light is on and not the seatbelt one.

Why Is the Airbag Light On?

Typically, there are different reasons why the airbag light turns on. Some of these include accidents and system errors. If you have not been in an accident, something likely went wrong, and your airbag module needs a reset.

You can resolve the issue by having a vehicle safety device professional look over your module. They can determine the real cause of the problem and apply the proper solution.

Why Did the Airbag Suddenly Light Turn On?

 If you are driving and the airbag light suddenly turns on, the possibility that you have faulty SRS components is high. You may have an issue with the airbags, airbag module, or impact sensors.

When your airbag light is acting up and you do not know why, it is best to have a professional inspect the system. They can promptly find the problem and provide the necessary repairs and replacements. Driving with a faulty airbag system is dangerous. Save your life and the life of your passengers. Have a professional check your malfunctioning airbag light as soon as you can.

What Does It Mean If the Light Is Still On after a Module Reset? 

Most, if not all, certified technicians recommend resetting the airbag module after getting involved in a car accident. Doing this will easily resolve your airbag light issues. However, if the light is still on after a reset system is installed, you may have a faulty connection or components in your hands.

It is in your best interest to have airbag specialists reset and reinstall the system. It ensures that the connections are right and the components are functioning perfectly. Additionally, moisture can also ruin your airbag system. Make sure that you do not spill drinks or any other liquid on your dashboard or the car’s center console.


Airbags are critical components of your car safety. If a malfunction happens to it, you could be putting yourself and your passengers in danger. It is best to have a professional look over your airbag components and make the appropriate airbag resets and repairs.

Resetting your airbag module is easy to do. However, if a module reset does not work, and your airbag light is still on, an airbag replacement may be necessary. That is why it is best to have a professional handle the airbag issues. Do not risk the safety of you and your passengers with a faulty system. Have your airbag light checked as soon as you can.

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