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The Different Types of Airbags That You Should Be Aware Of

People often overlook the safety features of their cars, much so that they end up suffering more injuries during a crash due to their carelessness. That said, one of the primary safety features in a vehicle would have to be the airbag. But did you know that there is actually more than one type of it?

If you are curious to know more, look no further than the following examples.

1. Supplemental Airbags

This type of airbag is found in almost all modern cars these days. It is also known as the secondary airbag and is responsible for deploying when the vehicle’s primary airbag deploys in a frontal crash. Impact sensors do not trigger this secondary airbag, so it is deployed during collisions where the main airbag is not at risk of accidentally deploying.

2. Frontal Airbags

If you’re ever inside a car during a crash, you must remain in a position that allows the airbag to deploy and protect you as much as possible. The frontal airbag is triggered by sensors that detect an impact and determine the accident’s severity.

3. Side Airbags

Additional airbags of this kind are usually found on the doors or the sides of the backseat. These are designed to protect the head, neck, and other vital parts of the body from side-impact collisions. However, they are not designed to deploy during rollover accidents.

4. Side Curtain Airbags

The side curtain airbag is designed to deploy from the roof side pillars or the center of the windshield. It covers a larger area and is designed to protect the head and chest area, with the curtain airbag extending over the headrest of the front-seat passenger. 

These are triggered by impact sensors and deploy to protect the front-seat passengers in a side-impact collision.

5. Knee Bolsters

This is another type of side impact airbag for the front seat passengers, covering the knee and extending from the seatbelt to that part of the body. This is activated by the sensors of the primary airbag and only extends upward from the seatbelt.

6. Footwell Airbags

These airbags do not extend to the head or sides and are designed to protect the feet and legs in a frontal collision.

7. Curtain Head Impact Airbags

These airbags are similar to the side curtain airbags, and they cover a larger area around the head, chest, and shoulders. The curtain head impact airbag is triggered by the same sensors as the side curtain airbag and deploys from the pillars or the center of the windshield.

Are All of Them Efficient in Preventing Major Injuries?

It would be hard to know how effective an airbag will be until you actually experience a crash. Still, it is essential to remember that all of these were specifically designed for different types of accidents and will not always work in the same way as their other counterparts.


As a rule of thumb, if you want to keep yourself as safe as possible while driving, it would be best to invest in a vehicle with a few airbags. This will not only help you protect yourself in a crash, but it will also give your car a longer lifespan. Overall, you should also consider the safety features of the type of vehicle you are buying.

Keep our pointers above in mind and have your airbags checked regularly for a much safer trip.

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