All About Replacing or Repairing an SRS Airbag

As cars age, they often go through several issues and parts failures, all of which require prompt attention. Just as you would replace oil filters, coolant tanks, electronics, and other essential components, you’ll also want to ensure that the safety features are still working. No matter how well your car runs on the road, you’ll never be prepared for the uncertainties that pop up on the daily highways or back roads. 

Your safety is your primary concern, and while many people believe that seat belts do save lives, they also work hand-in-hand with the technology called the SRS airbag. These airbags deploy when you get into an intense collision, which can definitely save you and your passengers. Modern vehicles are equipped with airbags in almost every corner of the cabin, making safety today much more reliable than before. If your SRS airbag light comes on, it might be time for a repair or replacement job. Here’s more information on the whole process of dealing with this life-saving component:

When to Get an Airbag Replacement

If you need an airbag replacement, you’ll see some signs pop up on your dashboard. There will typically be a yellow light that shows up with the words “SRS” visibly indicated. You might be wondering why it appeared without an accident, and there are many reasons why it would light up. This error message typically means that the airbag control module can be damaged or defective, or there was a bad connection in the sensors that caused it to trigger. Some vehicles that were flooded or experienced fire damage can also be affected by a triggered SRS airbag light. 

These instances will indicate that you need to visit your local airbag replacement shop to reset the module or see what’s actually happening. If the module is malfunctioning and isn’t repairable, it will likely require prompt replacement because the safety feature won’t trigger if the car crashes into something. If you have a new module installed, it will require configuration and programming to fit your car’s model parameters. Otherwise, the light may still show endlessly. 

Was Your SRS Airbag Triggered During a Crash?

The moment you trigger the airbag, it will require replacement, as these are typically single-use protective equipment. It inflates in a split-second to save the driver and passengers from flying out of the vehicle and getting fatal traumas. Once it deflates, that is the end of its lifespan and cannot be reused. If your car has been wrecked and is unfixable, you’ll likely don’t need an airbag replacement service because you’ll need a brand new model. However, those that experienced minor damages that triggered the airbag can have the bodywork done and have a new set installed and programmed correctly. 

Airbags are VIN-Specific

Remember that you’ll need to know your vehicle’s VIN, which will indicate what part you need specifically, as most airbag products are not universal. They will require a matching part number for replacement, which will have to be programmed to work correctly again. If you were involved in a crash that triggered the module, the module might require either a replacement or reprogram. 


Your SRS airbag is a safety feature that you cannot live without, and it has been able to save countless lives throughout the years since it was implemented as a standard component. Despite more cars coming out with tons of airbags, such as curtains, passenger-side, and other areas, there is still the risk of these failing or receiving errors. 

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