Airbag Light Reset & the Effect of Disconnecting Batteries

Car troubles can be very frustrating. No person would enjoy stopping on the side of the road because the vehicle’s SRS airbag light is malfunctioning. You have to call for roadside assistance or even a tow truck to help you when these things happen. This problem just brings in hassle. Plus, it brings in extra expenses.

If you want to learn more about airbag lights, why the light turns on, and how a disconnecting battery can affect it, you should continue reading.

How Can You Reset Your Airbag Light Manually?

The airbag light can come on because of a few different reasons. It can come on if the malfunctioning system requires the light to be turned on to warn the driver. It can also come on if the onboard computer detects a problem with the car’s electrical system. The computer may also need to check the sensors monitoring the airbag system.

The airbag light will always reset when the vehicle shuts off. If the light does not reset within a few seconds after turning the car off, it is because the problem is more serious.

You can turn the light off manually if it comes on. It is just a matter of disconnecting the battery or turning the ignition key on and off three times within a few seconds. This solution does not always work.

Some car models will require you to reset the airbag light manually. To do this, you will need to access the car’s fuse box. Sometimes, this is under the car’s hood, but usually, it is behind the dashboard. Once the fuse box is located, open it up and find a diagram that shows where all the fuses are. Locate the one linked to the airbag light and replace it with a new one.

How Can You Turn Off Your Airbag Light?

Many people do not know that you can manually turn off the airbag light. There are some problems with the vehicle that turns on the light, but the light can be turned off by turning off the headlights.

This is a temporary solution, so you will have to take your vehicle to the shop to see why the light is on. The problem can be with a faulty fuse, shorted wire, and many other issues. You will have to disconnect your battery, and you will most likely have to replace your fuse with a new one.

If you have a vehicle that has an airbag light that is constantly on, you should have the problem checked by a mechanic as soon as possible. It is also best to have a mechanic specializing in airbag lights because the issue may run deeper than you think.

Can Disconnecting the Battery Cause an Airbag Light to Turn Off?

If you have a vehicle where the airbag light is malfunctioning, you should not disconnect the battery. You may have heard that disconnecting the battery can solve this problem or that a battery repair shop can do it. However, you can also cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. 

If your airbag light is on and your battery is low or dead, disconnecting the battery can only make the problem worse. It can cause other electrical problems in your car, which will just be an additional expense.

Final Thoughts

If you have a vehicle with an airbag light on, you should have the problem checked by a mechanic as soon as possible. You can try disconnecting the battery, but this method will not fix the underlying problem. A mechanic can find out what is causing the malfunction, and do the repairs right.

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