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What Need to Know About Your Vehicle’s SRS Airbag Module

Humans are regarded as the most distinct species among animals. Our consciousness, complex languages, emotions, and mental imagery widens the gap between us and different living species. However, although the human brain has defied evolutionary rules and has given man extraordinary cognitive abilities, we haven’t evolved enough to survive a car crash!

To increase your chances of surviving a high-impact road crash, you would need to have an ultra-think ribcage, a massive skull, and knees that can move in all directions. For humans to avoid fatal injuries, we would have to look like Graham, a life-size sculpture that looks like a grotesque version of a human.

If there’s anything this artwork-slash-campaign for car safety has brought to light, it’s that humans are highly vulnerable on the road. Riding inside a hunk of metal may seem like you’re safe from danger, but all it takes is one mistake or misstep to turn a peaceful car ride into a life-threatening situation!

The Safety Risks of Travelling on the Road

Anyone can become involved in a car accident. No one ever entertains the possibility of their name being included in a tragic headline, but it’s a possibility people shouldn’t forget. Driving is convenient; having your own car to travel without relying on public transport does have its perks, but owning a car makes you responsible for yourself and your passengers’ lives!

Driving is a risky activity because of the number of factors that can affect your driving experience. Just one sleepy motorist, harsh weather, or an answered phone call could change everything—even if you make sure to drive responsibly, you, unfortunately, can’t control the actions of other drivers.

Once you’re on the road, anything can happen. As such, it’s crucial to ensure that you have the necessary safety precautions in place should you become involved in a car accident. When it comes to staying safe while driving, you always have to check your seat belts and airbags.

The Importance of Your Airbags

Airbags are perhaps the most important invention concerning car safety! They may not prevent accidents from happening, but they minimize and control the crash’s impact on you when they happen. By providing cushioning, these hidden airbags can save lives—and they already have!

Your airbag control module, in particular, serves a very crucial role in your car’s safety. This small unit is where the entire airbag system runs through, including the seat belt pretensioners, impact sensors, and airbags. 

Although the SRS airbag module is stored within the car, it will suffer from the impact once your vehicle is involved in a crash. When this happens, the airbags wouldn’t be able to work, so you’d need to get the airbag module reset.

“Do I Have to Reset the Airbag Control Module?”

Although you can drive without a module in place, we don’t recommend it! Without an airbag module, your airbags won’t be able to function correctly. Driving without resetting the airbag module is just the same as not caring about your safety and your passengers’ lives—to be a responsible driver, you must never forget to prioritize safety.

If you’ve already been involved in a car accident and your airbag module has stored crash data and hard codes, you should have the module reset to get rid of it. Instead of spending more money on replacing the unit, an airbag module reset costs much less and can bring the unit back to factory settings, just like new!


When it comes to driving, safety is number one! Always make sure to practice safe driving and reach out to a great company if your airbag module needs to be reset. As long as you practice the necessary safety precautions on the road, you’ll have an enjoyable driving experience every time!

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